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Ply splitting is a technique that comes from India and was traditionally used for making camel girths. The best way that I know of to describe it is that it is just like weaving, only instead of going over and under, you are working with multi-ply cords and you split those cords and go through and around them. It is a wonderful technique that can be used to make two or three dimentional pieces with a seemingly endless variety of patterns. I am drawn to it because it allows me to weave without a lot of cumbersom accessories. Also, I am excited about the crossover possibilities with combining ply-splitting and traditional basketry techniques. Below is a sampling of my ply-split work.


"Spirit Quest"  

Materials: drift wood, cotton cord (3-ply), paper covered wire, bone & glass beads.
Technique: SCOT


Ply-split scarf  

Therese wearing her ply-split scarf and standing next to her pieces at the Contemporary Crafts Gallery "Beyond Tradition, Contemporary Ply-Split Fiber Sculpture" exhibit opening in Fall of 2004.


Close up of scarf  

Materials: knitting ribbon made into cordage Technique: twined linking


Mineature basket  

A mineature ply-split basket done in 4-ply waxed linen. The rim measures 1" across and the basket is 7/8" tall. Technique: SCOT



Same basket shown with a dime for scale.



Materials: seagrass Technique: various
I am available to teach this basket as a class.





Materials: 4 ply-cotton cord Technique: SCOT
I am available to teach this basket as a class.


"Shooting Star"  

Materials: 4-ply cotton cords Technique: POT & SCOT
I am available to teach this basket as a class.


Neck Pouch  

Materials: 2-ply cotton cords Technique: twined linking
I am available to teach this neck pouch as a class.


"Gone Fishing"  

Materials: monofilament (fishing line) Technique: SCOT



Materials: 4-ply cotton cord Technique: SCOT



Materials: synthetic fabric Technique: SCOT



Materials:4-ply linen cords, cedar bark, waxed linen, ceramicTechnique: SCOT, POT


"Take Out"  
Materials: Seagrass, chopsticks Technique: POT

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